My bedroom update reveal!

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Y’all, buckle up for my first “Covid Revamp” reveal! As long as my husband, Ryan, and I have been married (ahem, which is more than 19 years at this point!), our bedroom decor has been less than exciting. I always poured my design energy into other, more visible rooms in the house. Sadly, our bedroom was usually a catch-all for random stuff, including piles of paper that I needed to go through, clothing, dog crate, etc. When we moved into our current house, our new bedroom included a wall of windows (Yay! Not complaining about that), and another wall of odd mirrored-door closets (this will eventually go away when we do a bathroom update and move the closets). This meant less wall space, and therefore we shoved two dressers on one wall, which felt very cluttered and odd to me.

Our cluttered, uninspiring “before” of our bedroom.

Well, enter 2020, Coronavirus, and quarantine. A couple of months in, I got bored enough that I decided a house project would be a fun distraction. My own bedroom was a no-brainer for a perfect room to update. I bought bedding at Nordstrom, new lighting from my amazing friends at Dutton Brown (check them out – they have lots of colorful and more classic designs, depending upon what you want), and decided on white paint (White Dove by Benjamin Moore). Boom. It was a start.

First, I set about painting. The color is White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

After I painted the room (I am proud to say that I did it all by myself!  There is a first time for everything! ), I had to hire an electrician to install the gorgeous new Dutton Brown lights.  It was more expensive and involved than I had hoped, because we put in reading lights on either side of the bed. Also, there was no overhead light when we moved in, so LOTS of little holes were made.  After that, of course, I hired people to fix the drywall, so it felt like it was taking forever to get to the “fun part!”

I ordered a new rug (from Crate & Barrel) and a dresser (from Room & Board), but they both took quite a while to arrive, so there was a long delay at this point.  Once we were able to put everything in, I had to find the right art.  I love art walls, so I made one above the dresser using photos of our family, a painting by me, another set of paintings by Anne Marie Coolick, and a print I bought many years ago. Above our bed is a poster that I bought in France at the Matisse museum back in college – it’s old, but goes perfectly with the room!  I realize that we need to hang it, but I was chomping at the bit to make this post, so it’s not actually hanging yet.  😉

  Without further ado, behold our new and improved bedroom: 

Woo hoo! I love the bright & colorful space now.
So open and happy!
View of the art wall. 🙂
Detail shot. We LOVE our Dutton Brown reading lights on each side of the bed!

I love the fact that our room is now inviting, and way more in line with our style – colorful, happy and fun.  It’s way more aligned with my Enneagram 8 with strong 7 wing personality for sure!  Ryan and I have said that it kinda feels a little bit like a nice hotel room.  Here’s one more before & after:

YIKES – Before!
And ahhhhh, AFTER!

Thanks for joining me for my first update of the NEW blog!  This is fun! 

Love to all,



Rug: (Yes, it’s from their kids’ collection, and I love it!)



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