Tired of repeating thoughts and habits that are not helpful in your life? I want to help you understand why and help you to learn to love and appreciate who you are.  

want to help you understand why and help you to learn to love and appreciate who you are.  

Does this sound like you?

Self awareness

better ability to handle challenges

hopefully more compassion and understanding in relationships and inner peace!

Ways I help

I offer sessions to help find your enneagram type, as well as coaching for once you know your type - up to seven sessions to help keep you growing.

 I’m also developing a course on incorporating self love and shadow work into your Enneagram discovery.

Work with me

Payments are made at the time of booking.

Coaching sessions starting at $150/hour

Let's start where you are, grow, and flourish!


Next steps: We'll focus on either further type finding coaching, or move to the first of five “Next Steps” sessions for growth using Enneagram type knowledge. 

step 3

Time to start diving deep. We'll go over a Find Your Type Enneagram coaching session. This starts you on the journey.

step 2

Free get to know me coaching session, where we can just chat and you decide if you want me to be your coach. 

Step 1

see the process

How can I serve you?


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Want to know more about the Enneagram, shadow work, and self-love?

 I have some helpful books and a freebie which can explain more for you!  


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